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Working From Home Is Pso Wonderful

Working while living with psoriasis can create challenges. One must learn to balance the demands of the job with the needs of the condition. Communicating needs, advocating for accommodations and finding solutions to balance work and symptoms is no easy feat.

As we’ve come to know, working from home has a host of advantages for workers and employers. The benefits can certainly be seen for those living with psoriasis and other chronic conditions.

The benefits of working from home with psoriasis

Never in all my years of wanting to work at home did I ever envision this happening. I am not qualified in anything specific and after school, I fell into the cycle of simply working and paying rent. Once that happens, the privilege of working from home becomes almost a distant dream.

This one dream come true that a worldwide pandemic gave me. It gave me an opportunity to test drive something I always wanted. Strange how things work out.

Comfy clothes

Who would have thought that clothes could be the deciding factor for me? What a pleasure to not have to force my sore and itchy skin into clothes that do nothing other than make my skin worse?

On the days when my skin was really bad at home, I would simply take a shower and lather my skin. Whatever works is what goes. Pajamas, a towel, a long loose dress with no undies. It simply does not matter. Comfort and managing pain levels can truly come first.

Less sitting

My job is traditionally office-bound and I sit a lot. I always thought it was my saving grace. If my pain levels were bad, then sitting all day would be a welcome reprieve.

Hindsight disproves this theory. I simply had nothing to compare it to. Being at home allows me to move so much more. My daily step count is up and my joints just seem to move easier. Also, less sitting seems to have resulted in a decrease in pain levels. This is something I did not expect, however, I am here to enjoy it.

Family time

The increased time with my daughter has by far been the most precious thing. My goal for the next year will be to find a way to work less and spend more time with her. It is important for her well being and mine. Slow evenings, more books read and lovely dinners prepared together instead of rushing to get everything done before bedtime.

Less Stress

Stress. While there are things like job security and financial woes to be concerned about, those things do not make me stress. However, rushing through every day and every morning, that's what makes me stress.

No traffic in the mornings, no tears from my daughters. Just peaceful slow starts to the day. While I know there is a lot going on out there, I do hope this will lead us all to a slower pace of life. Without a doubt I will be making changes in mine.

Have you worked from home? What have your benefits been?

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