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5 Ways to Be an Advocate During Psoriasis Awareness Month

This August, we're recognizing psoriasis awareness month! All month long, we'll be sharing articles from our advocates and stories from our community members in an effort to spread awareness and break the stigma. Here are 5 simple ways to spread the word and take action.

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1. Tell your psoriasis story

We want to hear what life is like for you now - the ups, the downs, and everything in-between! Once submitted, your story will be published on our community alongside the stories of others affected by psoriasis.

2. Share informative articles

In the spirit of psoriasis awareness month, we encourage you to share these articles to give people a real-life look at the emotional toll of living with psoriasis.

What Psoriasis Taught Me About Body Positivity
Fighting Psoriasis Stigma
Prioritize Self-Care & Love Your Psoriasis Skin!
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3. Join in the discussion to take action

Managing psoriasis can be painful, frustrating, and embarrassing at times. What tips do you have for someone looking for ways to accept and love their psoriasis skin?

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4. Enter our giveaway!

Win a nourishing skincare bundle including all-natural body scrubs, body butter, soaps, and more! The contents in this box will bring a smile to the face of one lucky winner! Enter to win this bundle for yourself, or someone you love living with psoriasis. This giveaway closes on August 28, 2020!

5. Update your Facebook profile picture

Add our psoriasis awareness custom frame to your current Facebook profile picture by clicking here and follow the instructions provided. Add our psoriasis awareness month custom frame to your current Facebook profile picture by clicking here and follow the instructions provided.

These are just 5 ways to spread awareness, but we want to know how you are taking action this month. Leave your response in the comment section below.

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