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Cryotherapy worked for me.

12 yrs ago my arm started to itch and turn red, then white plaques started to form from my elbow to my wrist on both arms. At night I would scatch them to they bled. The dermatologist confirms it was psoriasis and I just melted. Then one day I read about cryotherapy how it helps your sore muscles and from delivering mail at Christmas time I was sore. There was a coupon on Groupon for $19 to try it so I did 4 yrs ago. To my amazement, the raised white plaques were skin level and just looked like dry skin. I put some lotion on them and they almost looked normal. During the day I keep looking at my arms and nothing. That 3 minutes I was in there got rid of the plaques on my arm. Since you can’t put your head in there I still have a patch by my ear. I am going to the dermatologist to see if freezing that part will get rid of it. I will let you know my result. Try cryotherapy it helped me.

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  • Clair G moderator
    1 year ago

    @deedee28443 WOW! I actually did not know about Cyrotherapy till you shared this with us. Thank you so much. did you only have to go that once? – Clair, Community Moderator.

  • DeeDee28443 author
    1 year ago

    Yes, i only went once. I went for my back 3 minutes in the machine, it looks like a vending machine. From your neck down, so the part that wasn’t in the machine ,( the side of my face by my ear still has a patch. But that one treatment my arms and knees are clear. I found a coupon on Groupon and that was the only reason I tried it

  • VickiN moderator
    1 year ago

    @deedee28443, wow wow WOW! Thank you for sharing this! We had an article recently about cryotherapy but I hadn’t talked to anyone who’s tried it. Do keep us posted after you see your Derm about the freezing.
    Best wishes!
    -Victoria, Community Moderator

  • DeeDee28443 author
    1 year ago

    I just went for pain relief, I had never heard of this. If it hadnt been for Groupon ,I wouldn’t have ever done it. But when the plaques went away after only one 3-minute session. I about cried. I went on every psoriasis web site, I told everyone I know that has it. I have been singing praise for it. This is the 1st site that took notice. Thank you. Now lets help others learn about this. Thank you

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