Genital Psoriasis

I’ve suffered from genital psoriasis (scrotum & anus) for ~ fifty years, recently my psoriasis started to affect my urethra. It initially started ~ five years ago for short periods a couple of days at a time.

Genital psoriasis pain

Gradually this impact period increased until eleven months ago it became ‘permanent’. My doctor had no real appreciation of what this translates to. A ‘young’ dermatologist was recommended (more knowledgeable of recent options) they also did not really appreciate my pain. So they nominated a rheumatologist. Ten months of agony elapsed.

Trying new medication

The rheumatologist, I felt, understood my predicament due to regulations guidelines. Then in August, he had to have me try Methotrexate before biologics. Still high levels of pain ~ 8 weeks.
Due to see the rheumatologist in 9 weeks

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