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A patient on an exam table in an embarrassed, tight-kneed position, trying to cover up their genital psoriasis.

Genital Psoriasis

This is not something that is often discussed and it is a topic that can make people feel really uncomfortable. However, this is something that affects our community more than we realize. It can almost feel like one of those things that we think is only happening to us. This thought makes us even more reluctant to talk about it. I'm talking about genital psoriasis.

This type of psoriasis can affect your life deeply. Its impact can reach your relationships, and like with all psoriasis types, your overall health. It needs to be taken care of delicately and with not just any old ointment. While I understand that it can be hard to talk about it, I must stress, if you have concerns about this, please discuss them with your doctor.

Talking about genital psoriasis

I get it, I really do, this is not something that we want to discuss with anyone. If there is one person that you are going to discuss this with, let it be your doctor. If you are too embarrassed, try to email the doctor first and let them know how you are feeling.

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It is 100% normal to feel shy and even ashamed of this. While there is no need to be, we all feel like this at some stage or another. Should you find these things hard to talk about, write them down before you go so that you can just pass the note to the doctor.

This is often an easy way to bridge the gap that stops us from talking about it. The skin in the area of your genitals is thinner than other areas of your body and it is so important to get the right treatment for it.

The intimacy of genital psoriasis

If any area of the skin raw, male, or female, I recommend postponing having sex. There is no pleasure that is worth the pain and the infection that could come from this. Should there be no raw spots, you should be good to go. If you experience pain, stop immediately.

Afterward, have a gentle wash and apply your approved moisturizer. Having a partner that is loving and understanding will always help. This does require you to be honest with them. Sit down and have an honest conversation with your lover. Being honest with each other adds a new level of intimacy.

Management tips for genital psoriasis

Keep your genital area clean

Try using a soft non-fragrance soap. Try and avoid the cleansing products, washes, and soaps that contain all sorts of weird and wonderful things. These product types can easily irritate your genital psoriasis.

Get some good quality toilet paper.

Using a better quality toilet paper is something that can make quite a difference in reducing irritation. It's also important to avoid getting any bodily waste on your genital psoriasis. Sometimes a quick rinse with some water can help improve this situation.  Be careful of wet wipes! If you choose to use them, please check that you are using a very natural and non-chemical product.

Use good quality, loose-fitting underwear.

Cotton is always good and breathable. Make sure the edges do not irritate your skin too much. Personally, I find that any lace edges in the groin area can cause serious issues no matter how beautiful they are. Seamless is often helpful, but you may find that your skin does not agree with the fabric as it may cause you to sweat.

Some people even keep a spare change of undies closes at hand to change during the day.  Alternatively, there is always the option of going commando.

Share your own tips for managing genital psoriasis below.

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