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The Real Cause For PSA and Psoriasis???

I am a 48-year-old male. I was born with CP on my left side and suffer with the problem in my left leg too this day. I had knee surgery at 13 so I could walk properly (it kind of worked). Now let’s move onto other surgeries…

I had my appendix removed, I had two hand surgeries for bacterial infections that nearly cost me my life back in 1992, I was put on some serious medicine that was very scary. Now just 4 years after my last surgery I started to develop Psoriasis spots on my body. They started to “Mirror” each side of my body until I was 80% covered with burning bleeding sores. I started out visiting Dermatologists but my case IS extreme. I ended up going to a Rheumatologist and I was diagnosed fully with PSA back in 2008 all though I was diagnosed with Psoriasis back in 1995. I started taking Enbrel injections twice a month. This was not doing the job or helping. Then I was placed on Humira and Methotrexate.

The Humira started to work on the Psoriasis but did nothing for my Arthritis. The Methotrexate made me feel very odd, So I told the doctor I did not want to take the cocktail of drugs. I got really scared from taking these drugs just like I am currently taking. I stopped using Humira when the pain continued and I noticed the Psoriasis was coming back. Big Mistake. My Psoriasis came back with VENGENCE. It put me back in the hospital covered again with 80% coverage and same horrible symptoms. I now visit a Dermatologist and I receive 1 Stelara injection every 3 months. This dosage does help, but is not enough medicine to eliminate my joint pain, and my body has become somewhat immune to these Bio-medicines and without proper doctor care the Psoriasis still flares up and the joint pain is immense daily, everyday. I now will get back to my question? What really caused my PSA??? I am not a doctor, but rather a disabled Master Carpenter who dedicated his career to construction work.

But these are my suspicions that have caused my problems, 1-Born with Cerebral Palsy..2- Exposure to too many operations and something triggered these problems (ex-nerve damage).3- Hereditary.. 4-Environment.These are my only hypothesis. My fear is not getting the help I need and suffering with CP & PSA is a cruel joke. I used to climb ladders, now I can barely climb out of bed. God Bless All who suffer. You are not alone.

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  • SteveLassiter author
    9 months ago

    Thanks for the article.There is a family connection with all disease’s in people.I just got delt this hand and I have had to learn,adapt, and basically I am having to start a new chapter in my life.No its not mid life crisis,more like crisis in the life.My joint pain is dire and its just another not so normal day.My latest injection of Stelara was a blessing and it keeps the Psoriasis at bay,but without the medicine like I stated my life is ruined and gone.I have started to develop joint pain in joints that I never had issues with before.What really concerns me is Iritis and the link between PSA,SA,RA. This is VERY scary and I wish nothing to do with its horrible wrath.Just having CP & PSA is ENOUGH for anybody,I do not want anymore problems.We had some severe after effects from Hurricane Michael and I could feel the pressure building in my joints 2 days before the storm hit us last night.During the storm the pressure felt like my joints were exploding..(Anyone have these problems with weather?? not just the cold).I am still awaiting my case review and I will be starting all over with this medical condition after 20+ years of dealing with it.When you reach zero,you cant go any further so you have to start over.I now will have to rely on help until (maybe) I get back to some type of normal.Keep trying,keep smiling,and never stop believing.Thanks for letting me share.

  • VickiN moderator
    9 months ago

    @stevelassiter, I’m so appreciative to you for sharing your story with us. Because you mentioned hereditary factors, I thought you might enjoy this article:
    How are you managing today?
    -Victoria, Community Moderator

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