Just wanted to let you all know that I’ve been taking Skyrizi for 1 year now. It’s a miracle!! It’s the only thing that has worked for me at all and I’ve tried almost everything the dermatologist has offered.

I noticed an improvement almost instantly

I used to have severe plaque psoriasis over more than 20% of my body. It was thick, scaly, painful, itchy, would crack and bleed. I was miserable and nothing helped! My dermatologist suggested Skyrizi and at first I was skeptical because it was so new and nothing else had helped. But I agreed to give it a try and holy moly I’m so glad I did.

Within 4 weeks my plaques had reduced in both size and thickness and by 12 weeks were almost completely gone. By 16 weeks the only remnant I have that there were plaques at all is a slight discoloration of the skin where they USED to be. Skin is smooth, soft with zero scales, no itching, no anything. I was blown away. This stuff is MAGIC!!!

Minor side effects

I feel a bit tired and have a minor headache for about 2 days after taking the injections which I give to myself. But those things go away quickly and do not interfere with my normal life at all.

The injections are easy to administer yourself and are almost entirely painless, just a tiny tiny pin prick and that’s it. You’ll have a small lump where the med goes in and it may be just a bit itchy feeling at the injection site for an hour or so but that all disappears very quickly and causes me no issues.

I LOVE this med, it’s a godsend and I hope I’m always able to continue to receive it and that it keeps working. If you have any reservations just trust me and go for it, it seriously works and with relatively no side effects or long-term issues at all except for normal, glowing, soft, healthy skin!!

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