The Impact Sugar and Nutrition Has Had on My Psoriasis

I'm fair, fat, and 51. I developed psoriasis at age 48. Head, back, stomach, leg, groin. I even got psoriatic toe pain, diagnosed as psoriatic arthritis. The most recent place it developed was my middle fingernail.

The decision to diet

I've tried the usual stuff: clobetasol, UV light, lotions. Helped, but not very much. About 3 months ago, I broke my leg bone. I noticed psoriasis calmed way down. I figured my body was too busy repairing the bone to put energy into skin cell overproduction. It made sense.

As the bone healed, my psoriasis started to return. It wasn't as bad, but it was growing worse by the day. Two months into the broken leg phase, by happenstance, a friend asked me to go on a diet with her, as her diet buddy. I agreed and went on a high-fat low carb, high protein, diet.

The diet that change my symptoms

Essentially I eat meat, vegetables, high-fat dairy, and legumes. I avoid all grains, fruit, and sugar. I do drink about a cup of dry red wine daily. I am on day 27 of this diet, I've lost about 10 pounds, but more importantly, my psoriasis is almost gone.

It's a dramatic improvement and getting better by the day. It's clearing up everywhere. Even my arthritic toe stopped hurting. And my finger nail is growing right again!

The impact of sugar

It seemed to be the bad diet all along. Sugar specifically. Sugar makes your liver sick just the way too much alcohol makes it sick. If you control your fatty liver, you control everything else: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, insulin resistance, leptin resistance, dementia, and even psoriasis.

For me, psoriasis was just another manifestation of metabolic syndrome, caused by a bad diet of processed food, namely sugar. I'll make an update next month. In the meantime, look up the NAFLD-psoriasis link. The answer is in there. I'm living proof.

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