Diagnosed at 53 Years Old

When I was finally diagnosed at 53 I had plaques and healed 7 years earlier. However, I was simultaneously diagnosed with fibromyalgia along side. A couple of months later at the Rheumatologist, I was also diagnosed with osteoarthritis along with psoriatic arthritis.

Worried for this winter weather

I'm also complicated by histoplasmosis scars in my eyes so biological meds are out of the question. I started taking a new whole food supplement this June and 90% of my plaques are healed or healing. I'm praying I do not have a winter flare. In Indiana where I live we are already 11-1 experiencing very cold weather. I'd like to say as good as my skin looks my bones and joints also feel great but the damage it has already done is painful.

I have taken Otezla for 3 years. It is really the only safe med on the market for me. I have a natural exfoliating bar soap I use from Melaluca company and it is reasonably priced so I can stock up 3 bars for under $11.00 one bar lasts me more than a month. I have tried so many lotions and creams and I should be good to go until 2025.

How I manage my psoriasis in the winter

My heated throw and my weighted blanket are my friends on painful days. A half-hour at a time I get up to move which helps me not to stiffen up more. With all my side-by-side diagnoses I have to balance being down with movement. I've found staying clean daily and exfoliating helps my skin far more than the old school way of avoiding soap and water.

My plaques will thicken if not. Of course, it has to be done mildly. I have one knee and my ears and hair that is still resistant to completely clear, although since my new protocol there has been less. If you would like to know what products I use I'd be happy to share. Praying for us all to have a less painful winter.

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