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Surviving the Psoriasis Seasonal flare

I feel so ill-prepared for my seasonal flare. A person would be inclined to think that after all these years and all this time, I would be used to it. That I would be ready to go when it hits, having been here many times before reminds me that I can and will survive the winter.

This year however I am finding it hard to convince myself. It could be because the season for flaring seems to arrive a little earlier every passing year. The possibility also exists that my mental and emotional state is not really up to where it should be.

Maybe in all of this, at the moment, I just feel weary about it all.

When does my seasonal flare start?

To be honest, it is the strangest thing, there is always a single moment that I can single out every year. Everything feels different, the air, my body, and my skin. There is no sure way to even explain how it feels.

I just know, that the time has come and should I take the time to inspect my skin. Without fail the first few spots will be there, read and glaring back at me as if to challenge my authority. Within the days that follow the new spots will start popping up all over the place.

News sure travels fast around here.

How to treat a seasonal flare

Usually for me, in the days that follow my flare, I'm left feeling deflated and hopeless for a few days. Once this has passed and I am able to pick myself up off the ground again, it is game on.

I check the medicine cabinet, make sure I am stocked up and make a list of what I still need too. This ranges from pain medicine to moisturizers, soaps, and shampoos. I then will make an appointment at my doctor and make sure he and I are on track for the next few months.

In summer I am lucky enough to shower and bathe with soap scented products as it came down straight from the heavens. In winter, that goes away and is replaced with plain old white dove soap. 

What makes this year different?

In all honesty, I feel tired and possibly slightly annoyed that I have to do this routine yet again. It really is unreasonable, I have been checking these boxes for more than 10 years.

Alas, here we stand again, front lines of the battlefield.  This year it feels like it is starting at level three and not the usual level one I have grown accustomed to.

I need to just summon the strength from within. Lean on the reliable humans in my life, get up and keep fighting the good fight for you are worth it, every battle, every tear and every sad moment. Your laughter will light the bright blue sky again and this too shall pass. Albeit like a kidney stone. It will pass.

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