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Treatment Issues

Finally some relief with over the counter items.

  • By christy

    My scalp is my biggest issue. The itching and scratching was very embarrassing. I started using Head & Shoulders Clinical strength and a stiff scalp brush that eliminated most of the plaque. I then use Scalpicin which is a liquid Hydrocortizone and am able to go 2-3 days nearly symptom free. I notice that when I eat Cilantro that the symptoms subside as well. Thanks.

  • By CathyD Moderator

    Hi christy!

    Thanks so much for sharing this information with us. Scalp psoriasis can be so stubborn, I am so pleased to read that this regimen is making a difference for you! Please keep us updated on this and wishing you the very best.

    – CathyD

  • By Lindylu19

    I need help
    With this also tried
    Everything my scalp is very bad this last week, I eat lots of greens and coconut oil, few nuts, no grain, dairy I only use gass fed butter, no gluten breads, no rice!! Just don’t know what to do anymore!!

    • By CathyD Moderator

      So sorry you are suffering with your scalp, Lindylu19 🙁 Have you tried anything topical on your scalp? We have an article on scalp psoriasis which you may find helpful:

      My scalp psoriasis is also very stubborn so I can empathise with what you are going through. For me personally what helps is avoiding sulfates in shampoo. If it gets bad I will use a tar shampoo and some dovonex scalp solution (prescription). Unfortunately what works for one person may not help the next so a bit of trial and error is usually necessary.

      Please keep us updated with how you are doing, and do reach out anytime you need support. We are always here!

      – CathyD

    • By ninab

      Did u try using the coconut oil ON your scalp?
      I started doing it every night (of course I had to shower every morning) but on the weekends (no work) I left it on and put my hair in a bun.
      I did see decent results- but my scalp psoriasis isn’t
      Bad I had it in my knuckles – ankles- knees and elbows.

  • By beks

    Hello, I joined this forum today and am surprised it took me this long to come across! I jave suffered with Psoriasis for what I think is 6 years now… I’ve always had the odd skin flare up as a child which i guess i never really knew it would get worse as I got older. I have psoriasis all over my body, forhead, torso, back, legs and i have seb derm on my scalp. I have tried and tested all sorts for years! For my body i use exorex a coal tar based lotion which manages my psoriasis, if i dont use it i certainly can tell. For my face and scalp i jave tried all sorts, for my face i find coal tar works good for me with mild flare ups, ive used topical steroids in the past which are good for the day or two but i ended up using it on a daily basis to keep it away, and that eventually led me to stop that altogether because im sure that many of you know it thins the skin, so for my face i just use dovobet at night on bad flare ups and in the mornings i’ll use exorex along with a day cream ( got to still try and keep those wrinkles at bay lol) and i seem to manage with that routine. My scalp however … that has been the hardest part of my body to handle, i imagine thats down to the embarassment of seeing those horrible white flakes everywhere. Sometimes i just really let it get me down as its so unmanageable and so embarassing and more than anything just damn frustrating as there is no magic potion out there to rid of it! So i have tried t gel, nizoral, prescribed topical steroids, used ketocon shapoo, coal tar, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, diets all sorts! I again stopped using the steroid on my scalp for fears of thinning my skin and i came across head and shoulders solutions, a more expensive, premiim version of the original aimed to target a desperate girl like me. Ive got to admit after two washes my head was clear and i was happy again! I used it everyday and has no problems with it. Then i went to my hairdressers for a cut and she told me to steer clear of h&s as its fullnof sulphites which is bad for your skin (something funnily enough i was told by my old hair dresser about 5 years ago) she recomendded this vegan shampoo from maria nila called structure repair. I use it everyday and it relieves the itchyness and clrars my skin…its no miracle worker as i wake up everyday with a bout of flakes on my head but using that shampoo seems to clear it. Im on a battle as im sure all of you are at finding whay works and what doesnt. Im glad i found this as i hope to help other people as i hope to be inspired by you! I genuinely think its probably more of a mind set condition and i need to look at ways of being calm and stress free, as i genuinely think stress and anxieties has a massive part to play in this! Glad to see things are working for you! Keep ua posted!


    • By VickiN Moderator

      Glad to hear that this new shampoo is working out well for you, Bek! It gave me quite a fright because I looked it up and I thought it was $219 USD! What ingredients are in it?
      -Victoria, Community Moderator

    • By toniie77

      I have been through every issue you discussed and tried everything you mentioned. My scalp psoriasis began in 3rd grade and I’m now 41. Talk about life long. Anyways I have found for right now that P.M. Tea Tree shampoo and Conditioner works pretty well on my scale and it is a better product for your hair

  • By Chris Pettit

    Thanks for sharing the article, Michelle76! I will check it out.