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Anyone tried Skyrizi

Good morning. I was recently diagnosed with psoriasis. It has been getting worse since last November and is now pretty much all over my entire body. The itch is about to do me in. My dermatologist wants to put me on Skyrizi. I’m just waiting for all the insurance stuff you have to go through. Has anyone here been on Skyrizi and has it worked...any side effects. I pray something works for me because I feel like a freak when I go out. So happy to find this forum for others that are suffering from this horrible psoriasis.

  1. , I hope some community members can chime in (Skyrizi is pretty new!). In the meantime, we have some info here if you'd like to check it out:
    Warm wishes to you,
    -Victoria, Community Moderator

    1. Yes that is interesting

    2. I would reach out to your doctor for their recommendation for the vaccine.

  2. Thank you Victoria. I did read the link you provided about Skyrizi. Guess I'll be the guinea pig...if I every get to have my first round of shots. Still waiting on the process to be complete.

    1. Hi there ,

      Did you use skirizi injections for your psoriasis, please advise

      How’s it’s works on psoriasis and do you have any side effects, my dermatologist prescribed me for these injections, please help me and gave me advise

    2. I felt tired for a few days after my 1st dose but it was worth it after the improvement I’ve seen already!

  3. I too am waiting for insurance to ok skyrizi. Nervous about it because I have asthma but psoriasis have taken over my body and life. Hoping it works. Anyone tried it ?

    1. hi, I’m a 61 year old, I’ve also been battling psoriasis forever and have tried many different prescriptions/treatments. I haven’t tried Skyrizi yet and am looking forward to hearing about you and others success/failure with it. I have tried other prescriptions that are self injected and ALL of them have had very thin needles that you don’t see. None are difficult to use and I really never felt it go in. So don’t let that stop you.
      My insurance had a stipulation that I had to go into the office for the first 2 injections - at the first visit, the nurse had to give it to me while explaining what I needed to do, and for the second, I needed to show her that I could do it my self (not difficult at all). The easiest shots I’ve ever had and at first I was absolutely sure I wouldn’t be able to do it myself…ha! I did it and didn’t look back from that point on.
      The one suggestion I tell others who have this horrible thing is if one, two, or more treatments/medicines don’t work for you, Don’t give up, Keep seeing your doctor and Trying new medications.
      Good luck!

    2. @Jeanne you are spot on with the wonderful advice you gave. I was like you in that I thought I could never give myself a shot. Now it is like second nature. Nothing to it. What treatment are you on now? Hope it is working well for you. Vickie W., Team Member

  4. Just started with my first dose (2 injections = 1 dose) a month ago and I am nearly 100% clear! The only possible side effect (I say possible because it may not be skyrizi related) is a bit more vivid and active dreaming. Not a bad thing because they’re just average dreams, not nightmares. I love the feel of my smooth skin again! 😀

    Regarding insurance, mine didn’t cover the first dose but I was immediately enrolled in the Skyrizi Complete program and assigned a nurse ambassador who came to visit me in person. My first dose was completely free and they could not have made things any easier on me! I’ll post a link to pictures I uploaded below. I can’t say enough about this amazing new medication and I wish you all the same wonderful results!

    PS The needle for the injection is so very skinny that I hardly felt it go in, another plus!

    1. Thank you for posting this! I had my first injection yesterday and I am looking forward to the rapid results you speak of!

    2. That is very informative.

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