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Have you tried an apple cider vinegar rinse?

Has anyone tried apple cider vinegar rinses for scalp psoriasis? What was the result?

  1. Apple cider vinegar is loaded with antibiotic and antioxidant properties that help with both cleansing and maintaining a healthy colon and gut. What do you use ACV for?

    1. This is great for a scalp rise on your hair and is so good for balancing my gut health.

      Do you also use it?
      - Clair ( Team Member)

    2. Hello , I have never used it on my hair, but growing up my parents would put a teaspoon of it in our drinking water daily. I thought they were nutty back in the 60's. But it seems they were on to something. I have run across people with PsO who do use it on their scalp. I think you all are on to something. Diane (Team Member)

  2. Yes! I have used it for my scalp. I also have put it in my tub as well.

    1. Hello , I grew up old school. Vinegar was food not to be wasted. LOL!!! Diane (Team Member)

  3. Yes! I have used it for my scalp. I also have put it in my tub as well. -Latoya (Team Member)

    1. Hi , I actually haven't tried it yet! I haven't managed to go anywhere to get a spray bottle yet (I'm having a bit of trouble with fatigue at the moment and I don't like paying delivery charges for online orders πŸ˜…). I'm hoping to go into town at some point this week (knock on wood!!) so I'll try to get a spray bottle then. I appreciate you checking in as, to be honest, I would have totally forgot to add the spray bottle to my shopping list! We already have the ACV in the cupboard so hopefully I'll be able to try this soon. My scalp's been rather itchy lately so I'm excited to see if this helps. I'll let you know how I get on! Hugs πŸ’• -Catherine, Community Moderator

    2. I don't blame you on the delivery charges! I hope you're able to give it a try sooner or later since your currently experiencing some itching. Keep me in the loop! Kindly, Latoya (Team Member)

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