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What Questions Would You Ask The Dermatologist?

What questions should someone ask the dermatologist when first diagnosed with psoriasis? Do you have any questions you’ve never had answered and would like to ask? Share them below!

  1. I always wish I had asked which type of psoriasis I was being diagnosed with - for me it was just "this is psoriasis". I am in the UK so perhaps this is normal here or perhaps my doctor didn't feel it was important. When I joined support groups online everyone was talking about having guttate or plaque, etc, and I had no idea what I had (turns out I had both of those and some inverse!).

    Curious to hear others' questions!

    1. Hey , That's a great point to bring up. Although plaque is the most common type of psoriasis, there are many other forms and it would have been helpful to know the kind you have when first getting diagnosed. Thanks for sharing! - Sarah ( Team)

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