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Cold weather remedies

As the weather gets cooler and the colder seasons are upon us, dry skin can get more difficult to avoid. What’s your best DIY recipe for dry, cracked skin?

  1. I have a favourite body butter that I buy in 2L tubs off the internet, but on the DIY side I'll use coconut oil and then put on long sleeves/pants to hold in the moisture. Sometimes I'll cut the bottoms off of old socks and roll them up my arms or calves if I have particularly dry spots. Excited to hear from other people!
    -Victoria, Community Moderator

    1. SO many tubes of chapstick. I buy extra to make up for the ones that I forget in my pocket and end up in the dryer. Thankfully winters in the pacific northwest are pretty mild, but I always make sure to put on my moisturizer right after the shower. I also try and avoid the temptation to take hotter showers, as those really dry my skin out.

      1. I thought I was the only one that used chapstick for unconventional reasons. It works better on my dry and splitting fingertips van vitamin D or any moisturizer I have ever found. I find that the regular chapstick although I'm not promoting a brand, but the ones without perfumes are coloring added do the very best and help me especially through the winter where I will rub chapstick all over both hands especially my fingers and nails areas at bedtime

        1. I forgot to add that I have psoriasis that is limited to my hands and fingers and affects my nail beds drastically. I also have psoriatic arthritis which has ruined nearly all of the first joint the furthermost joints from my knuckles, and I only have a few fingers left that aren't disfigured are enlarged to where I cannot put on rings and my thumb's which are the worst so, I can barely use a pair of scissors anymore. But we're not talking about sorry Attic arthritis right now

          1. I actually had a giant chapstick that was designed for use on the skin! I think the company stopped making them though...

            Brenda, it can be so difficult when the hands are affected. It sounds like you're having a particularly bad time with it. I hope you will find this community a support. We also have a community for psoriatic arthritis over at: - please feel welcome to stop by here or there anytime.

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