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Psoriasis Awareness Month 2016

Did you know that the month of August is Psoriasis Awareness Month?

We think that the word "awareness" is more than just helping others understand what it's like to have psoriasis. It's about changing perceptions. It's about becoming educated. It's about helping others realize that psoriasis is much more than "skin deep." It can also be about helping our network understand that we must be mindful of our own bodies, mental health, and environment.

So tell us: How do you make those around you "aware" of the impact psoriasis has on your body, mental health, and/or daily living?

  1. I've stopped trying to hide it from everyone. I used to really get self-conscious which would make me depressed as well, but no one would understand why I'd have mood swings because my skin was covered up. I finally just started letting people see it and tried to focus less on how I felt about my appearance. I feel like now that people see it they have a better understanding WHY I'm feeling the way I feel or WHY I'm reacting poorly or just in a bad/sad mood.

    1. Hi noteczema (love your name!), good to have you with us!

      Not covering up as much is a great way to increase awareness of psoriasis; both the physical and emotional impact it can have on us. I do think that people are often unaware of how much of an effect it can have on our mental health. Have you noticed any difference in how you feel in yourself now that you have started to make this change?

      Thank you so much for sharing!

      P.s. there is a great article on depression and psoriasis here:

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