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What are some common triggers of flare-ups?

  1. In my experience? Diet (gluten, red meat, fatty foods, sugar, dairy, etc.), stress, the Koebner phenomenon, medication rebound, drug aggravation (i.e. prednisone), weather, and infection... and then the other 50% of the time, who knows 😀

    1. Wow this is great to know

  2. I agree with VickiN. Although I have a trigger that I would never have guessed would be and that is blueberries. Not sure but I think almonds too.

    1. This is really interesting to hear. I have never heard about triggers like this.

  3. Hello , I have a lot of triggers, but my biggest one is tomatoes. Thanks for sharing so much information. Diane (Team Member)

    1. Yes. Diet is a big trigger for me. Nightshades like white potatoes and tomatoes. Also gluten, red meat, greasy foods, sugar, dairy, already mentioned above. Another massive trigger is stress.

      1. , stress is a really big one for me too (alongside infection and skin injury). Is there anything you do to try to manage your stress levels? -Catherine, Community Moderator

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