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COVID and Anxiety

Has your anxiety levels increased over the past few months? How has our current situation affected this?

  1. , thanks for starting this discussion! I've definitely experienced more anxiety over the course of the pandemic. Getting the vaccine has helped a lot with that as I feel a bit more protected, but I still feel anxious about going out and potentially being around other people. My psoriasis was quite angry last year, which I guess is not surprising considering stress is one of my main triggers. Thankfully it's calmed down a lot over the past few months. What about you? How are you coping? -Catherine, Community Moderator

    1. I agree, a huge number of people are affected in all aspects. It is sad news for me.

      1. There is a new variant discovered. I wonder how this would affect everyone.

        1. It is really scary. It would be hard for a lot of people to adjust.

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