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Covid and psoriasis

Has covid impacted your psoriasis? Feel free to openly talk about it here.

  1. I caught Covid at the end of July 2020. After three weeks of being in bed, I first started to realize I had long term issues starting to develop: Chron’s, Plaque Psoriasis, and enlarged prostrate.
    I also have PsA.. but don’t know if that and psoriasis has been a precondition I was just not aware of, as I did have diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis already in my hands.
    FYI, I just received my second shot of the Pfizer vaccination.. and yes I’m 65.
    I lost me twin sister to Covid a year ago, missed our birthday by two weeks. That was a week before the same large hospital announced the first Covid death in CA.. they did not have the tests to run on my sister...
    I am still stunned and frustrated with how debilitating the GI Chron’s issue has effected my once extremely active life.. and now even avoiding live Zoom family gatherings due to plaque psoriasis on the face/scalp and neck.
    I have lived a socially very isolated life in an RV for 6 years, towing an off road vehicle, boat, ski equipment etc.
    I now have to decide to give up this entire lifestyle, as it’s becoming obvious these medical conditions are not going to get any better with age, and I cannot participate in all of my sports any longer.
    This really sucks.
    I am currently based in a small town that does not have the level of doctors I now require to deal with all these issues, so that has to change as well. I have been unable to see any doctors since this all started: the few there are, are not taking new patients due to overwhelming patient loads from the pandemic.
    That is why I really appreciate this community.. I learned more in a few hours than I did after months of searching online for answers! Thank you!
    That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it..😝👍

    1. This is both interesting and inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

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