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Daily routines and habits

Do you have any daily routines and habits to manage your psoriasis? For example, do you have a particular washing routine?

How did you get started and how do you keep up with it?

  1. I use my coal tar shampoo every other day and I apply coconut oil followed by my favourite body butter 😀
    -Victoria, Community Moderator

    1. I'd like to hear what daily sunscreens others use. Right now I'm having good luck with Neutrogena SPF 100 cream. On my face and neck I use moisturizer first and then the sunscreen. Elsewhere I use just the sunscreen.

      1. Thanks for the sunscreen recommendations . I think I can find all of those here in the U.S. For moisturizers, I use various Cetaphil products.

      2. , I should mention that in the Body Shop one, alcohol is second on the ingredients list. It hasn't cause me any trouble but I know others can be sensitive to it, especially if there's psoriasis on the face. I haven't tried any Cetaphil products yet (they only launched here last year) but I have a sample of their SPF50 Daily Defence Moisturiser to try out at some point!

    2. I happened to read this . It is so well written that I gave CBD a try for my psoriasis. It worked very well. I will not say that my condition is reversed or is symptom free now, but it is significantly improved. I am happy to have chosen it.

      1. That is great, . I am so glad to hear that you've found something to help bring you relief and improvement in your symptoms. Thanks so much for sharing with us here.

        -- Warmly, Christine ( Team Member)

    3. You are indeed a survivor, I wish for your fastest recovery.

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