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Have you tried light therapy (phototherapy)?

Have you used light therapy (phototherapy)? What was your experience using it as a treatment option? If given the option would you use light therapy at home?

  1. I had phototherapy for the first time back in 2013 and then again in 2017. Both times it put my skin into remission (this time it's coming back more quickly than before, but I'm still clear for the most part). While I like the idea of the convenience that would come with a home unit, I would likely be too afraid of messing up the settings and burning myself! There were a few times at the hospital where I wore slightly different underwear, or forgot my watch that day, and I ended up with burns on these newly uncovered patches of skin. I think the at home hand-held units are a great option for people with localized patches.

    Curious to hear others' stories!
    -Victoria, Community Moderator

    1. My wife used to work for a dermatology clinic, so I was able to get light treatment in the office at little to no cost. I would use the full body stand up machine 3 times a week. This was before we had children, so it didn't seem to be a hassle to go into the office so frequently. It worked pretty well, but never completely cleared me. I like the idea of a home unit, but I would worry about the upkeep and maintenance on it.

      1. I had UVB phototherapy back in 2010, after struggling with guttate psoriasis for a few years. The phototherapy completely cleared up my guttate psoriasis (and it didn't come back for 4 years after that!) and my inverse psoriasis. It did help my plaque psoriasis but that went back to its pre-phototherapy state fairly quickly. I used the fully-body stand up booth, and went twice a week for around 3 months I think. I started off at 9 seconds which seemed a little ridiculous, especially as I had to drive for 20 minutes each way to have the treatment! I was at university part time, so I was able to take the time twice a week to travel to the hospital. I know for some people this isn't really feasible.

        With regards to light treatment at home, I have the same concerns as Vicki - that I might do it wrong or burn myself. But I can completely appreciate how it would be convenient and save time, and perhaps money in the long run.

        1. I personally don’t believe it works for me . I feel like it’s a waste of time and money . I’ve been told this is a form of old therapy and we are in the 21st century with new and better drugs . I had started off with a couple spots here and there and if it would have stayed that way maybe it would have been fine . But I was at 90% covered and my doctor did not want to try something new besides the light therapy. So maybe i just had a bad doctor that lead to a bad experience but there is other drugs that are more effective in a fast period of time !

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