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Extract from the latest NPF newsletter:

As the leading nonprofit funder of psoriatic disease research in the world, NPF continues to play a key role in funding grants and fellowships aimed at various aspects of disease and comorbidities diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and cure.

NPF funded $3.28 million in 2020 and – even with the challenges of closed labs and research institutions due to the COVID-19 pandemic – $2.82 million in research fellowships and grants in 2021. In both years, research funding accounted for about one-third of all NPF expenses.

Funding of the PsA Diagnostic Test Grant was launched in 2019 and now continues into a second phase. This grant funds researchers looking to identify a reliable diagnostic tool for PsA that could reduce delays in diagnosis and thus lessen the length of time PsA goes untreated. Untreated PsA can lead to irreversible joint damage.

  1. Hi @Dewi, thank you so much for sharing this with our community. The work that The National Psoriasis Foundation does is so important. For anyone looking for more information, I am sending along a link to their site. Thanks Dewi! Jill, Team Member

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