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Has anyone had hair loss with Skyrizi?

I have been on Skyrizi since June 10. The only downside has been extreme hair loss. My dermatologist says it is not related to the medication but it seems very coincidental to me.

  1. I'm sorry to hear that you're dealing with extreme hair loss, . It certainly is one of those frustrating and challenging symptoms. While I'm not sure about whether or not your medication is the cause, we do have an article with information about hair loss with psoriasis that I wanted to share with you.

    Also, hopefully some community members can chime in with any experiences they've had with Skyrizi and hair loss also.

    We're here for you! -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

    1. I think I may be experiencing the same thing though I haven't had a chance to bring it up to my dermatologist. I've been on skyrizi for a year now and lately I've been noticing more hair shedding and I can see more of my scalp. I've been trying to look for any link but haven't found any.

      1. My dermatologist doesn't think it is related but I did my injections on Sunday and yesterday my hair started falling out again and today it was worse. My pharmacy specialist told me it is highly likely that the hair loss is due to Skyrizi. I don't know what to do. The Skyrizi has helped a lot but I don't want to lose all my hair.

      2. I have been on Skyrizi for the 3rd set of injections. I AM experiencing extreme hair loss. Extremely Itchy scalp I’ve never had before I wasn’t sure why. I have an updated dermatologist appt the end of July. Can this be permanent? Good lord I hope not.

    2. I was on skyrizi from 10-25-19 to 4-7-20 the whole time it was horrible. The medication never cleared my skin I had tons of issues some being hallucinations high blood pressure hair loss. after I stopped taking it about 2 weeks later once it was out of my system my hair started growing back. I had to shave my head. What was left of hair was dead. Falling out in large clumps. I was embarrassed an mortified the side effects of that medication that no one wants to talk about. I changed nothing else in my life knows I didn't stop medicine I didn't start any medicine but once I stop that medicine it got better so they can't say it's not the medicine when it's obviously is

      1. Thank you for such an nice note. I am currently seeing doctors in Ga. who seem to be able to treat successfully Psoriasis with nutrition and supplemental help. So far I am in the worse part where my body is getting rid of toxins and of course that is happening through my skin. This can take weeks or months but in the end your skin clears and health is restored. I hope this works for me but as of now it is very scary since my whole body, scalp and nails are effected. They have had much success as have many others I have found on the internet. There are also several books written on how to do this for many autoimmune illnesses. Two books that I have read are Psoriasis Warrior by Marisa Rudder and Healing Psoriasis by John O.A. Pagano. Doctor Pagano is deceased but cured many through nutrition. Mainly it is a diet eliminating all foods that can cause problems, gluten, sugar, nightshades etc. and replacing the foods with healthy organic if possible fruits and vegetables. I am praying it works for me but I have a long way to go. I hope this helps. Sophie

      2. thank you again for sharing so much with us here. It sounds like you are well on your way to getting some relief! Please reach out any time, and I hope that the body ridding toxins stage doesn't last too long for you - it does sound like a scary and overwhelming process. Sending you a gentle hug! -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

    3. That you so much Christine. This disease is indeed overwhelming and has been since it arrived in my life in July 2020 I have spent many hours searching for answers that would be healthy and not involve the harsh dangerous drugs. I am making headway but my psoriasis is severe and so my search has so many avenues to explore. I refuse to let this beat me and I know the answers are there. Today was wig day to cover my balding head. Actually wigs have come along way so perhaps I will come to think of them as friends. So cute, quick and easy and ready to go in a flash. This is a great site and I hope that many psoriasis sufferers will find help here. My prayers go out to all of them.

      1. Hi , I am so happy to hear you have such a positive mindset! We are so glad you are a part of our community. Jill, Team Member

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