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Has T/Gel been discontinued?

I keep hearing rumblings among the online psoriasis community about T/Gel shampoo having been discontinued. I know it's a very popular shampoo among our members, and I wondered if anyone has had any trouble with purchasing the shampoo recently? I'm over in the UK and it still seems to be widely available here, but I did look at the discontinued products on the US Neutrogena website ( and there are three T/Gel products listed 😢 It looks like T/Sal is still available though. Has anyone used that shampoo?

Does anyone have any more information on this?

  1. Hello , I believe they started taking it off the shelves a couple of years ago. I have used T-Sal in the past. it made me itch, but this is not unusual for me. Most things make me itch.

    Of course, once we get used to something, they remove it. Did you find an alternative shampoo? Diane (Team Member)

    1. Hello I hope you are doing well. I have been using a coal tar shampoo for decades. They are nowhere as strong as they were 50 years ago. I like them better because they don't smell as bad. Enjoy your day, Diane (Team Member)

    2. , is there a particular coal tar shampoo that you like? I really don't know what I think of the T/Gel, but at the moment I don't think I'd repurchase it... which is probably a good thing if it's being discontinued ! -Catherine, Community Moderator

  2. Hello I used MG217. I get it from Amazon, but to be honest, nothing is working right now. I'm happy for wigs!!

    1. Oh sorry to hear that, . It's terribly frustrating when nothing seems to be working. I have heard good things about MG217 - I'll have to see if I can get hold of it over here in the UK. Hoping you can get some relief very soon. Hugs! -Catherine, Community Moderator

  3. Oh, I'm good. I always remember in life that I am not failing. I have come too far. Yes, it can be frustrating , but we must keep moving forward. Let us know if you can get MG217 in the UK. Diane (Team Member)

    1. Hello Sadly, my scalp psoriasis has not improved at all. It's so frustrating, but I just deal with it. I'm improving every where else.

    2. , scalp psoriasis always seems to be so annoyingly stubborn! I'm glad to hear that you're improving otherwise. Please keep us all updated. I know we all want you to find relief! Warmly, -Catherine, Community Moderator

  4. For anyone who's following this in the UK - I noticed that the Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo was out of stock at all places where I'd usually shop for it online. I did a bit of investigating and found a post from the Psoriasis Association which stated that there was (or is?) a supply issue, which Neutrogena are working to resolve. So it seems that although T/Gel hasn't been discontinued here, there is some difficulty in getting hold of it at the moment! Has anyone else had this trouble lately? -Catherine, Community Moderator

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