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Health Resources for Psoriasis

What resources have been key in your psoriasis journey, aiding your ability to manage psoriasis?

These resources could be as diverse as financial support, disability support, mental health support, your healthcare team, caregivers, community spaces, and/or support groups.

This is a space to share about all the resources that have helped you with your psoriasis journey.

  1. , love this topic! I think for me, online psoriasis communities have been my greatest resource. I have learned SO much from other people who have psoriasis - much more than I have learned from any doctor. You can't beat personal experience. I sometimes think about how different my teenage years with psoriasis might have been if I'd had access to online support and others' experiences.

    I think the resource that I share most often with our community is our Managing Healthcare Expenses article: The cost of accessing care and treatment is such a huge barrier for so many people, and often people aren't told by their doctors or pharmacies that there are programs out there that can help (although, unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for these programs).

    Looking forward to hearing which resources others have found helpful! -Catherine, Community Moderator

    1. I’m super big on mental health! Living with a chronic illness can be challenging physically but even more challenging mentally if you don’t have the supports around you to cope in a healthy way. My favorite resource from our very own site is this very link that offers almost every possible organization and online resource to help our member get the support they need throughout their journey. ( Every kind of person with any kind of special circumstance is mentioned in this article and I share it as much as possible! Kuddos to creating such an instrumental piece of valuable information that will help so many! Kindly, Latoya (Team Member)

      1. I hate to hear about your recent diagnosis. Even with living with PsO for so long, adding another chronic illness can bring back so many memories and new worries. I know hearing of that was pretty shocking but it was so necessary to be informed of. Mental health is watered down so much and so many people miss hearing about these types of counselling options and it's really heartbreaking. Are you going to consider doing it? I know it's so much to take in but if it helps, that's a wonderful option to consider. Wishing you all the best, Latoya (Team Member)

      2. Thank you, 💕 I just found it so strange that suddenly they think I might benefit from counselling - like why wasn't this considered with the psoriatic arthritis or the psoriasis? I believe I would have benefited from it years ago for the PsA, but I'm not sure if I will take it up now to be honest. I actually feel that having to go through the PsA and everything that came with that, without any support, really set me up to cope with absolutely anything that comes my way now. I will think about it though. Thank you again for your kind words. I really admire your passion for mental health. Warmest wishes, -Catherine, Community Moderator

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