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How do you manage your fatigue with psoriasis?

Psoriasis can cause fatigue in many ways. If you are affected by physical, social, and emotional fatigue because of your psoriasis, this is a space to share your experience with the community.
What causes your fatigue?
What helps with your fatigue?
We want to hear it all.

  1. I have some patches on my scalp where i can feel
    rough patches. My left knee has been very painful twice in the last month and I’m extremely tired when I wake up in the morning-I think I might be dealing with psoriatic arthritis. What should I do.

    1. Hi @CommunityMemberba8c14, thanks for reaching out. I would definitely recommend you keep a journal of your symptoms and make an appointment with your doctor. They most likely would recommend you see a rheumatologist. I am sending you over an article that I hope can help. Jill, team member

    2. Hi there! I'd chat with a dermatologist (skin) AS WELL WE a rheumatologist (Inflammatory diseases like arthritis), or see your general doctor for a referral. Be sure t make a list of all your symptoms and when they started. Self-advocate. Ask for blood work and xray of the knee.

      Get tested for HLA-B27 (Easy blood test). HLA B27 is a gene associated with psoriasis and weakly associated with peripheral psoriatic arthritis. In the presence of spondylitis-associated with psoriasis, 60-70% of these cases are HLA-B27 positive" You can still be negative for it but it's one helpful blood test.

  2. Generally I try to get exercise daily (it may be slow and gentle, walking, dancing, etc), get out int the sun, eat greenery and drink water, and manage stress. But sometimes it has ALL the control. (I have arthritis as well).

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