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MG217 for easing psoriasis discomfort?

Has anyone here used MG217 products to ease the discomfort of psoriasis? I've read online that these over-the-counter products use active ingredients like Coal Tar and Salicylic Acid to help manage the symptoms of psoriasis, but I would be interested in hearing about personal experiences from people in our community!

  1. , I don't have personal experience with MG217 products as they aren't available over here in the UK (I wish I had picked some up when I visited the US!), but I know lots of our community members find these products helpful. MG217 actually made it into one of our Your Community Recommendations articles back in 2017: I, too, would love to hear from others who have used these products - thanks for starting this discussion! Warmly, -Catherine, Community Moderator

    1. Hello , I used this years ago. I had very severe psoriasis, which covered over 80% of my body. So, I would have tried anything. My first thought was how bad it smelled, now remember this was years ago. They might have improved it now. It had a very strong smell that stayed with you, even after a bath. I used it for a good few weeks and never saw any improvement. But like I said, this was a long time ago. The smell was like tar and motor oil. I can still smell it to this day. But, some people use it and have good results. How long have you had psoriasis? I am going on year 62. Tell us how the MG217 product works. Diane (Team Member)

      1. Hi . I have not used any coal tar products in a long while. However, each person reacts differently to products as well as medications. What I can tell you is that the National Psoriasis Foundation has given MG217 their Seal of Recognition. What that means is that people with psoriasis have tried it and given it their approval. It has also been examined by the NPF Medical Board to be safe. Based on those two things the NPF gave it their Seal. You can find out more information about it at and look under Seal of Recognition. Hope this helps. Vickie W., Team Member

        1. , oh yes, that's a good point about the Seal of Recognition - I notice quite a few MG217 products have received this. They are mentioned (alongside a few other products) in the following article, for anyone interested: Warmly, -Catherine, Community Moderator

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