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My psoriasis was cured by the Chinese.

Hi, my friends, I have been suffering from psoriasis since 2001. When I was in college, I had a Chinese classmate. His father is an expert in the treatment of psoriasis. His

father helped me. It has been eight years now, and psoriasis has not happened again. I cleaned up the house some time ago and stumbled upon the medicine I used before. I

remember this. The things he talked about were very different from our doctors. Treatment will make you feel very strange, but my illness has been cured.
They emphasize meridian treatment. They think that the root cause of psoriasis is that the meridians of the kidneys and liver are not smooth, and the yin and yang in the body

are out of balance. Because they have their logic, these seem to be completely different from what our doctors say, but they can help us. I suggest that you can try to use his

This is a tea bag made from herbs. I drink a bag every day. Then I felt a fever in my stomach. The stool is black. A week later, I started to itching in psoriasis. He didn't

allow me to scratch myself and give me some medicine. After soaking the drug in alcohol for one day, use it for the itchy area and it will not itch. After a month and a half,

he started letting me bathe for more than an hour a day. After a month, all the dry skin fell, and he told me that the bacteria are very strong. He must start treatment from

the root cause.
He also asked me to use my fingers to lick my acupuncture points and said that I could achieve the same effect as acupuncture. I can do it myself 15 minutes a day. I will do

this occasionally, because this method can not only treat psoriasis, but also help me improve my sleep. I can't describe these things in the scientific way we think, because

it's different from our logic, but it can really cure psoriasis, hope that this information can help everyone.

  1. Thank you for sharing, Andy. I found your post very interesting - I always love hearing about alternative therapies!

    Whilst there's currently no scientific consensus on a cure for psoriasis, there are certainly many different ways to achieve remission. We are so happy to hear that your psoriasis has been clear for 8 years now and very much hope this continues for you for many years to come!

    Thank you again for taking the time to share with us all.

    -Catherine, Community Moderator

    1. Tried Chinese medicine - failed dismally....

      1. Thanks for sharing. Fascinating approach and interesting to see how different medicine can be. Acupuncture was really relaxing for me and helped me sleep better but didn't affect my skin or joints unfortunately. Nothing shifted my plaques significantly until I started on Humira.
        I'm glad this worked for you, it might help others too to understand there can be multiple options to explore to help control the condition.

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