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Nutrition and Health: Buying Nutritious and Organic

Has anyone made any changes to their diet as a way of treating their psoriasis?

If so, do you find that it costs more money to buy nutritious foods (or even organic foods)? What are your money saving tips?

  1. I did the Whole 30 ( last year and saw amazing results in my skin. But it was too hard for me to maintain especially when I went to eat out. I do think though I actually spent LESS money when I started eating whole foods and stopped buying processed foods and anything in a box.

    1. Thanks for writing sadskin. Keeping to a specific diet can certainly have its difficulties. One way to possibly simplify things may be to locate individual food triggers. This article from one of our contributors looks at finding such triggers through IgG testing:

      This article from our editorial team looks at the overall link between diet and psoriasis: You may also want to check out our Facebook page at for feedback from the larger plaque psoriasis community. Best, Richard ( Team)

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        1. I first had psoriasis on my elbows about 20 years ago and it got worse and worse. Five years ago it had got to it's worst level with large patches on my legs and torso. My fingernails and toenails were disasters and looked terrible. I tried various creams both OTC and prescription and they provided temporary relief, but it was a constant battle. Since then I stumbled onto two things which I think possibly made a significant impact, but I can't be sure. Regardless, it's gone now and the patches on my legs and torso are gone. My nails are all clear also. I believe the first major break through was a CPAP machine. I had severe sleep apnea and 4 months after being on CPAP there were major improvements, but it wasn't completely gone. I'm not 100% sure it was the CPAP, but nothing else changed and their is some research linking sleep apnea to psoriasis. Body patches disappeared, but I still had some on my lower legs. My fingernails cleared up for the most part but, my toenails were still ugly. I think the second breakthrough was a homemade drink I added to my diet twice a week. Three months later I was clear. That was two months ago. I'd like to find out if my homemade elixir has the same impact on another person. I'm not selling it, but I'll share the recipe. Just would like to do it with someone privately to verify results first before suggesting it to everyone.

          1. Wow that's fantastic to hear about the CPAP having such an impact!!!!! And so glad to hear you are getting relief from the symptoms!

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