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Pso, you want to wear comfy clothes?

What tips can you share with the community about wearing comfy clothes? What fabrics do you recommend? What fabrics do you avoid?

  1. Hello , This has been a big dilemma for me. For 61 years have always had to figure out what to wear. I can remember someone saying to me at the age of 8 years old that my mom needed to make me wear a sweater. It took me many years for me to get comfortable with showing my skin. Here is an article that was written about dressing with confidence.

    There are so many different things we can wear to fit in without looking out of place. The one fabric I never wear is wool, not ever. It just doesn't agree with me at all. Makes me itch all over. I do like cotton dresses, linen, and silk. They seem to be nicer to the skin.

    What comfortable clothes do you wear, especially since the summer is upon us? Diane (Team Member)

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