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Psoriasis Photos

Whether you've been living with psoriasis for several years or you just received a diagnosis, this is a space to share photos of your psoriasis journey.

This is a non-judgemental space so please be kind to other fellow psoriasis warriors. Sending you all love!

  1. Sending love!

    1. This is what my psoriasis looks like today at its best. I am on a new biologic, so hope to see more improvement in the future.

      1. try a high dose D3 I think it will help you like it did me.

      2. Thank you!! I actually used D3 in the past. My psoriasis is better. It keeps changing over time. I'm so happy that this helped you. Community Moderator, Diane

    2. This is what my back typically looks like during a flare, lots of small spots.

      1. When my psoriasis flares, it looks like this. Although, recently the plaques are looking bigger. I use gentle, moisturizing soap and lots of moisturizer and try to keep calm. The more stress you have, the worse it gets.

      2. This looked so similar to mine before this summer. I started getting out in the sun almost any day I would and let it beat on me an hour sun screens..I never got burnt. I used Calcipotriene morning and night and a moisturizing in mid day... in two months time it was down to just a a red area.....this worked for me, I know it doesnt work for everyone.

    3. My knees at it's worse. I found that Vaseline helps.My knees at the worst but I found Vaseline works great.

      1. That looks really painful 🙁 I'm glad the vaseline is helping. Are you feeling any better today? Sending a gentle hug your way. - Sarah, Team Member

      2. I use coconut oil.

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