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Psoriasis really Psucks!

Psoriasis sucks. Truly, it is such a frustrating condition to manage. Plus, there is so much energy involved in managing our skin, the medications, and the mental health burden; it's a lot.

This is a safe space to let it out! Vent away about all the ways that psoriasis sucks!

  1. I've had psoriasis for so long that I pay very little attention to it most of the time. It's annoying, at times embarrassing, but for long periods of time I just ignore it. (For a couple decades I had no idea at all that was the likely source of periods of extreme fatigue, or I might have paid more attention.) I treat it as part of my daily hygiene routine and otherwise ignore it.
    Until I can't. Each spring when it's time to pack away the long sleeves and pants, there's that first month or so when I feel awkward, when I notice people staring at my arms or the spots on my legs (a woman asked me once if I should be out in public with ringworm because of the round patch of psoriasis on my calf, which was mortifying), but as I get more sun, the scales get a little less noticeable, and it's easier to ignore people. Not caring what anyone thinks is liberating.
    The itching gets to me at times - not just the scales, but general itchiness, even on clear skin. I'm a woman. I do NOT scratch in public. lol
    I've learned to sit with my hands in my lap so my elbows don't leave little patches of skin on armrests. Not always comfortable, but it's just what has to be done and I don't think much about it after all these years.
    But the worst is when it popped on my face. I CAN'T ignore that. And although I'm not terribly vain, I can't just blow it off and not let myself care. It's my face. I have to use cortisone on it daily to keep it from getting bad, and when it gets bad anyway, twice a day, and with care not to get the cream on clear skin. Worrying when I'm out in public if there's a piece of dead skin hanging from my face that I'm not aware of. I've skipped many activities I would have enjoyed because I couldn't get it to clear and didn't want to be stared at or have to answer questions or have to listen to what someone's cousin's husband's coworker does to keep their skin clear.
    Yeah, that comment above about not caring what anyone thinks? Ha! Out the window when it comes to my face. I hope to be starting biologics this summer and to be honest, I'm just as hopeful that it will clear up my face as I am that it will ease my joint pain and fatigue.

    1. Hi again, 💖 I can really relate to this. I've had psoriasis for an extremely long time and mostly I'm able to ignore it, until something brings my attention to it - whether that's a flare, it popping up in a new place, someone making a "helpful" suggestion or asking if I fell over and grazed my skin. Ugh! I'm really sorry you had to deal with that horrible comment about ringworm. People are so insensitive sometimes. Having psoriasis on the face can be especially tough for all of the reasons that you mentioned. I really hope that the biologic will help with all of your symptoms. Do you know which one you're hoping to try this summer?

      As you mentioned the itching, I thought that the following article on itch-relief might be helpful: Please keep us posted on how you're doing if you can. Hoping today is kind to you! Warmly, -Catherine, Community Moderator

    2. Not yet - I've read a lot on here and talked with friends with psoriasis, a couple of whom have had good luck with Embrel, but I'll see what the Rheumy has to say.
      Thank you for the link!

  2. I understand this so well. I have had psoriasis for 60 years and have been on 8 biologics. I am in a flare right now. I have my ups and downs but keep moving forward. This too shall pass. My goal in life now at 65 is to share my knowledge with others and help find a cure. So many of us feel we are alone when we are 70 to 80% covered in flakes. I want people to know that they are not alone, and guess what. You are not the first one to get misdiagnosed. If your treatment is not working and your doctor isn't listening to you, get a second opinion. We are all in this together. Diane (Team Member)

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