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Skincare sucks!

Psoriasis sucks. Truly, it is such a frustrating condition to manage. Skincare can be such a consistent chore! What does your skincare routine look like? Does it get exhausting?

This is a safe space to let it out! Vent away about all the ways that psoriasis skincare sucks!

  1. I really cannot say, i recently diagnosed and dermatologist says i have it ,that is what the biopsy results said. i stared on Triacinolone ointment, orencia .then added methotrexate, .diabetic lotion helped the most.

    1. , thank you for joining the conversation here. I'm sorry to read about your recent diagnosis, but I hope that this will be the start of you finding some relief. How are you getting on with these treatments so far? I have seen a few people mention that they like to use a diabetic lotion - is it the one by Gold Bond that you use? Warmly, -Catherine, Community Moderator

  2. Es muy agotador esto pica demasiado

    1. Hi ! Thank you for your comment. Whilst we're only able to moderate comments in English currently, I did use a translator tool on your comment and it sounds like you are struggling with the itching? If so, you're not alone! The itch that comes along with psoriasis can be terribly difficult to cope with. I wanted to share the following article on itch-relief: I hope this is helpful. Are you trying any treatments at the moment? Warm wishes, -Catherine, Community Moderator

    2. I hope you find the article Cathy shared with you helpful. I also want to add another article that may be helpful as it includes some things you may have at your home you can use too help also. You can access the article here- I know the itching is very uncomfortable and hard to deal with at times. I hope with these articles you can find something that gives you some relief. Hang in there, Latoya (Team Member)

  3. Greetings all, I've been keeping my one day on, one day off, wrap routine. And I did another load of honey impregnated sheets and socks. It's inevitable after a several days. I'll try making a telehealth appointment with the one psoriasis dermatologist that does that near me.

    1. , thank you for the update! I hope you can get an appointment swiftly, and that the dermatologist is knowledgeable and helpful. One thing I would recommend doing if you haven't done so already is taking photos of your skin. I'm not sure if it's just me but my psoriasis has an irritating habit of clearing up/calming down just as my dermatology appointment comes around. Of course, it flares right back up the next day. Good luck and please do keep keeping us updated! 🙂 -Catherine, Community Moderator

  4. Hi Cathy, I have many pictures in my phone. It looks especially ugly today, so another pic.

    A friend recommended I try Argan oil. I ordered a small bottle. Except for my non- scratching, and the moisturizing effects of the raw honey, it's hard to really say if it's doing any further help.

    But whatever, it is certainly helpful.

    1. All you can do is try to find what works and you're doing that. It certainly takes many tests and trials to see what works, but certainly, document your progress and keep us updated. A little relief goes a long way. All the best, Latoya (Team Member)

    2. , I'm glad you're taking lots of photos. Have you noticed anything different going on with your nails? The dermatologist might ask you about them too, so it's worth keeping an eye on them (if you haven't been doing so already). I hope the Argan oil makes a difference for you. I have heard some people say that they find that helpful. I tend to go for almond oil but like you say, I don't think it actually does anything for the psoriasis directly but it does make my skin feel more comfortable. Hugs! -Catherine, Community Moderator

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