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SKYRIZI my Angle


  1. I have REAL severe Psoriasis since 30, i am close to 60, i tried many things, i am in biological treatments since 15 years, Enbrel work for me first 4 years but i was taking double dose every week then i switch to others that did not work then return to Enbrel for 3 years and the last one was COSENTYX who did work for few month and i had to stop it , in my case COSENTYX was suppose to work for 28 days but it was working olnly from day 7 to day 17 before and after i was getting new spots ...... now i am in SKYRIZI since May, the injection start to work from the 3rd day, by the end of the 4 weeks i was 90% clear, then the second dose work and i am 98% clear, there is always a 5 cm that it has to be there, never been clear and it will not be clear, but i am no longer in sever pain or feeling that i am peace of wood, i am grateful for this medication, that work as they say for 12 weeks , the 2 injection cover 12 weeks , normally with other medication it does not cover the total period as advertise, in 2 days i will get 2 Injections after 12 weeks and i have not seen a new spot appear on my body which is great
    the other thing is that SKYRIZI does not help in case you have Psoriatic arthritis
    so i have some pain because of that but Tylenol help in this and you can't compare arthritis pain to psoriasis pain ....there is nothing like psoriasis pain
    the other side effect is being tired more and also having active dreams ... stupid dreams ... non sense but not scary .... so far i like the product 100% compare to others
    i will keep add updates after b12 weeks

    1. Hi ! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with Skyrizi so far. I am really happy to read that you started to notice a difference with it so quickly, and that you haven't had any new patches pop up. You must be so relieved! If you're interested in chatting with others who are on Skyrizi, you might like to check out the following forum discussion:

      I hope you continue to do well as times goes on. I will look forward to reading your updates! Take care, -Catherine, Community Moderator

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