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How have you experienced stigma with psoriasis? How have you dealt with the stigma that you have experienced? This is a space for the community to vent and connect about all things stigma-related.

  1. Hello , The biggest stigma that haunted me for most of my childhood was that people thought they could catch psoriasis by just touching me. Then as an adult, the biggest one and still is that people think that psoriasis only affects your skin. There is still so much we need to educate people about. Diane, Team Member

    1. Hello , As someone who has had this for 59 years, I have heard that because we have psoriasis means we are less productive and social on the job. Not true at all. Also, if we get a flare, we might miss days from work. Boy, if that was the case, I would never have worked. We change jobs a lot or even retired. Not true either. We just need to educate people. Diane (Team Member)

      1. Sadly yes. Many times in my life. Good thing is now in my 50s and I will stand up for myself, whereas didn't in my 20s. Worst stigma is people automatically think it is contagious and actively avoiding you as a result.

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