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Has anyone tried professional sugaring (sugar waxing)?

Curious to see if anyone has experience with this and if their psoriasis was affected by it. I have read that while you can buy sugaring for home use, it's best to get it professionally done. If you've tried it, what's been your experience, either at a professional's or at home?

  1. Hi , thanks for your question. I am sorry that you haven't received any responses. I tried searching for sugar waxing and I couldn't find any information on it. However, I am wondering if this article could help you. It is about waxing with psoriasis. Hope this helps.
    Jill, Community Moderator

    1. Hi .w3, please keep us posted on your appointment. I am very curious to learn more about sugar waxing - please do let us know what you find out.
      Jill, Community Moderator

    2. I'd love updates on this. I have been looking into this treatment for quite some time.

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