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This Biologic has finally got rid of my psoriasis after 30 years !

I've suffered from psoriasis for near on 30 years with many treatments tried.
I have posted before on my story, but to summerise:

Started on head small scab, then all over thicks scabs - used Dermovate cream, mousse spray, capasal etc. Got it under control but always bad dandruff flakes, avoided dark colours.

My nails then became affected, pitted and deformed with nail bed detached, used Dermovate but nothing really helped, apart from keeping them short.

Hands started to get affected with flaking skin.

Then areas of my body, few places at first, knee, arms, legs, eventually got worse and I found that I needed to use sprays and creams every other day. Products used:
Beta Mousse

I take Methotrexate as I have psoriatic arthritis also, however the pills do not help my skin, luckily I get no side effects.

So after making a fuss at the dermatologist, they did a scoring by looking at the percentage of psoriasis on my body, and as it was getting worse and I had a large amount, they at first put me on Otezla Apremilast, which seemed to work at first, but then my skin reacted and got worse.
Eventually in Nov 2023, they put me on self injections called Amgevita (Adalimumab) a biologic med that I inject once every two weeks.

Within 2 weeks my flaking reduced, within a month the redness started to go and my plaques flattened. Each week it just got less and less and it was like waking up from a nightmare and my life was given back to me !!

Today its gone !!! I have some small areas that have slight discoloring but with summer coming they will go !! I have started buying dark clothes again and my nails are beautiful once more with no more pitting or thickness!

Injecting is a breeze, the nurse shows you at first then you do it yourself very easy as its like an empi-pen!

If you get a chance push for biologics and see if they help you, I get no side affects and hope to stop taking Methotrexate as its also been reduced !

Good luck all.

I will look for some before and after photos....

  1. Hi . It sounds like you have been through a lot on your journey with psoriasis. So glad to hear that you have found something that is working for you. Do you know that we have a psoriatic arthritis website as well? It's if you want to check it out. Vickie W., Team Member

    1. , it's so good to hear from you again! Goodness, you have been through a lot since we last spoke. Whilst I'm sorry to read that it didn't work out with the Otezla (especially after you had such a great start on it), I'm SO happy to read that Amgevita is bringing you relief. You absolutely deserve it. I can hear how much of a difference this has made to your quality of life. Hoping these good results continue for a long time to come! We really appreciate you taking the time to update us on how you're doing. Best of all wishes! -Catherine, Community Moderator

      1. today is May 2023. ...SO NOVEMBER 2023 HAS NOT COME YET.
        mabe you just got the year wrong

        1. Sorry I got the date wrong yes 2022

      2. I have managed to find some photos of before and then how I am now, bit embarrassing but I kept my face out lol !, hope the images give other people faith if they have started Amgevita that it can work !

        1. , that's so kind of you! It's always good to see (and hear) the impact of the different treatments that are available to us. Hopefully one of the community admin will be along soon to approve your photos. It may take a little while as it's the weekend. Looking forward to seeing the before and afters! How are you doing at the moment? Always good to hear from you! -Catherine, Community Moderator

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