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I tried for years to rid psoriasis, then finally said enough. I had severe plaque on legs arms back and buttocks. I did not want to go the route of internal meds. I did the following for two months. Committed to getting sun each day for an hour or so..front and back (no sun screen) lotion lotion lotion. one a day vitamin d supplement I used rx Calcipotriene twice a day...and lotion (vanicream) once or twice a day and clobetesol once or twice a week. I stopped red meat, dairy, eggs..and junk food...(occasional cookie) when shower, cool and scrubbed good over scales. in two months, gone..not a flake..and I had a lot..bled, etc....theres some red spots where the scales were but even they are fading. I still am in sun , lotion...less calcipotriene. My derm was in shock as was ready to put me on humira. Not sure this will help anyone, but it did me. Good luck.

  1. Hi @ts7now, thank you so much for sharing what has helped you. I am so glad you found these changes in your life to be such a benefit for you. We appreciate you being here. Jill, Team Member

    1. Thank you for sharing this here. This would serve as an inspiration to many!

      1. I know what works for one doesnt always for others, but if helps just one, have at it. Not sure what changed for me other than commitment. I usually was so discouraged I just gave up, and then it really gets worse. Anyway...Im happier today, but know it doesnt ever "just go away for good" so I have to continuously maintain. (and do!)

    2. This is good to know that you have finally found ways to deal with it. Changing diet has really helped me and my family. Opting for a more natural and herbal diet is the best decision I have ever taken. My mom was suffering psoriasis and she made some lifestyle changes such as applying aloe vera to sunburn, applying herbs like neem, sandalwood, and jasmine leaves and that has really worked out well for her. She was following for all her natural and herbal remedies

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