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They say there is no cure for psoriasis but we weren’t all born with psoriasis

I think the only way to beat psoriasis is a natural way I’m talking living the most pure lifestyle no drinking , no smoking , eating extremely healthy only what comes from the earth and this will control your symptoms at the very least. I been back and forth not seeing results quick enough so I just get discouraged and start eating bad or drinking again but when I do follow what I’m saying spots start disappearing it just doesn’t happen over night it took years for my psoriasis to get bad which means it will take years for it to get better but I’d rather suffer being extremely disciplined then suffer being unhappy my whole life. Don’t give up just because you don’t see any improvements right away because the improvements start on the inside not the outside it’s a autoimmune disease not a skin disease stay strong

  1. Hi @Rusty4892, thanks so much for sharing with us. I am so glad that you found these dietary changes to help you. It can be so frustrating not to see any improvements after making lifestyle changes. You sound very disciplined and I am happy this is helping you. Jill, Team Member

    1. Hello. Diet has been a godsend for me in terms of clearing psoriasis. But I do still drink wine, so not an entirely healthy lifestyle.

      1. Hello , This is such good news. Thanks for sharing this. I have changed my eating habits, my PsO didn't get better, but I did manage to lose some weight. Thank you, Diane (Team Member)

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