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What Does Healing Of Psoriasis Looked Like To You?

This could be different for so many of us. My itch is so bad that I just want to lay in a tub of ice. I'm 80% covered but just making the itch stop would be healing for me.

What does healing look like to you?

  1. , this is such a great question! I love that there's many different ways to answer this. I can definitely understand how just getting the itch to stop would be healing. I think for me, it would be the psoriasis not spreading? If it could just stay in its designated areas, that would be healing for me.

    You also got me thinking about what the psoriasis looks like when it is actually physically healing/clearing up. For me, a psoriasis patch always seems to clear from the centre outwards. I'll often end up with a ring of psoriasis around a clear middle. I'm curious to hear if anyone else's psoriasis clears from the inside out!

    Great topic, Diane! -Catherine, Community Moderator

    1. Hello , Thanks for chiming in. You are the 2nd person in 60 years that I have heard say that their psoriasis heals from the center outwards. Mind does too!! I've never asked my doctor about this, but I think I will.

      You are so right, if the psoriasis just stays in one spot that would be wonderful!!!

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