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Lessons of 2018

What a year it has been, the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between.  It has been a year of trial and tribulations. I have learned so much about myself, my skin and my world. Finding the balance between working, parenting, being a family member and a friend, it is all big juggling act they say. I try to call it just life. I chose to do the things that I do and they way that I do them.  So what were the lessons learned in 2018, and how have they impacted my health, my mind and my skin and overall?

Love yourself

I thought I knew what this meant, I was wrong and being sure that I am almost sure I did not know what that actually meant. It was a cliché that is being spread around the world with not enough value in my opinion. What this year taught me, is that self-love is saying no, to going out when you are too sore, feeling too tired or run down. It is about putting yourself in a position that you are as important as the people around you. Look after yourself and treat yourself well.

Make your skin and joints a priority

Try that new cream, consult your doctor. Buy clothes that do not aggravate your skin. Drink your supplements and take your medicine. Moisturize your skin often with something that is good for your skin.  Soak in a bath and take time to rest when you need it. Do not strain your body too much, learn to listen to your body and rest when it asks you too. Pushing your body past its limits can be damaging.


This was a big one for me this year again and seemingly a lesson that keeps coming across my path. I am quick to fall back into being angry with myself and my health, feeling annoyed with where I find myself.  It takes a conscious choice to bit fall backward with this. I need to accept that I am where I need to be on this journey. We are all worthy of the things that we want from life, we just have to decide what they are and go get them.


There are days when I do not even understand the diseases I am faced with and the consequences of that, to expect someone else to understand it when even we don’t? That is expecting quite a bit. This year taught me to be mindful that even though others may try and understand it, they are not always able to. It is truly a human condition that we cannot understand it unless we have actually gone through it ourselves.

The lessons learned in 2018

I have no doubt that the year has held some lessons for all of you. Take the lesson from it and take care of yourself in the new year, no doubt that the new year is waiting for us all with many new things to learn.

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