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A woman lounging in an oatmeal bath to soothe her itchy skin.

Psoriasis, Below The Belt

After a long day, I jumped in the shower. When I bent down the pick up my shampoo, I sent the skin on my behind to painfully tear, leaving the hot water to run right over it. Ouch is an understatement.

Genital psoriasis is outrageous, unfair, and incredibly painful. The skin is sensitive, to say the least, and implies a whole new level of pain, sharp as a minora blade.

The importance of hygiene

Managing psoriasis in the genitals can be embarrassing - and cause feelings of insecurity, especially around intimacy. One point I must advocate for is that while psoriasis can spread to our private areas, it has nothing to do with a lack of hygiene. It is simply our autoimmune response.

This doesn't mean we should not take care of ourselves down there, the open and cracking or tearing skin might leave us more susceptible to infections and this is no good. Make sure your genital hygiene is good and stay away from any perfumed products.

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This approach can significantly decrease the chance of any infections or any added complications. Be sure to moisturize once you have cleaned up nicely to help the skin stay hydrated. Hopefully helping it crack or tear less.

Consider an oatmeal bath

A bath soak may be helpful when you're feeling particularly sore or in pain in those most sensitive parts. Personally, I prefer to use oatmeal for any bath soak to heal my sore and irritated skin. It is soothing and helps calm the itch.

There are many fancy ways to go about doing this and many different things that you can add. When any skin around my genital area is inflamed though, I prefer to just use oatmeal. One cup is usually enough for a bath, I pop mine into an ankle stocking and tie a knot.

I allow it to soak in the hot water a little while before I add the cooler water. Soak for 12 - 30 minutes and hopefully, this will bring you some relief.

The right kind of undergarments...

To wear underwear or not to wear underwear, that is the question. And one that only you can answer for yourself. We all need to do what is comfortable for us. If you are wearing underwear be sure to try and get cotton or bamboo fabric undies. They are more breathable and will help the area stay ventilated and dry.

Alternatively, you could go commando but, be sure that you remember this when the wind blows. Loose-fitting and comfortable pants can also make a huge difference, versus the tighter more constructed clothing which might be trending.

Take care of your skin, take care of your body

Of course, desperate times cause for desperate measures. And in this time, many people turn to Vicks VapoRub. Importantly, be careful of what products you use, and if you are really struggling, please chat you your doctor. Even drop them an email if you feel too insecure to talk about it face to face.

Just please do not use, any old cream or ointment. You can cause severe damage to your sensitive skin. The very last thing that you needed is to irritiate the skin further or cause an adverse reaction.

Take care of your body, treat it kindly and try to help it heal as best it can.

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