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Psoriasis Thoughts With My Best Friend

Last updated: December 2022

It has been said that if you are truly blessed, you will find your soul mate in this lifetime. Some call it true love and others call it a twin flame or a best friend.

There are those who get this neatly packaged in their lifetime partner, husband, or wife. I was blessed with the best when I met my best friend 21 years ago. Her name is Sam.

How my best friend improved my psoriasis thoughts

In the last 21 years, she has been my rock. The one constant, a person who always has my back, no matter what. Our love and support for one another are unconditional, while also being a safe space to raise your concerns and be frank about things that would break other friendships.

She is the Godmother to my daughter, my 911 Emergency call, and more than anything she is the golden syrup to my peanut butter sandwich. We talk every day and I would quite frankly be lost without her.

My light in the dark moments with psoriasis

Life, in general, can be filled with some pretty dark moments, when you are battling psoriasis and its partner in crime, psoriatic arthritis. The dark moments tend to come around a bit more often and last a little longer.

Having a best friend by your side through everything is truly one of life’s greatest gifts. When times get tough and I cannot seem to get myself up off the floor, she sits with me until I am strong enough to lift myself again.

She checks in and does not fall for my weak “I am fine” response. Having the unending support when you feel at your loneliest is priceless. Nothing is too much effort for her to do or help me with.

My best friend is my greatest advocate

Sam has walked this journey with me since day one, through all the sleepless nights, the endless complaining. She has never let her guard down with this, always helping me search for the answer to my pain. Sending me products from her side of the world, salts and creams, and packages of love.

Always fighting the good fight, asking, researching, and finding out everything she can. She has never been afraid or ashamed to go out with me in public no matter how bad my skin is, she will stare down the rudest person and keep me safe.

The importance of a best friend

I could tell you for days of all the times she has helped me with the skin and the emotional baggage that has come with it. When the people you love want to help you, allow them to be there for you. Even if you just allow them to make you a cup of tea and bring your shopping in.

From my experience, allowing someone to help you is truly not a sign of weakness. It is not a sign of anything other than the fact that you have someone who is willing to hold your hand and make your tea. Hold them close, let them love you and be the best you can be for them

Life and my immune system can dish it out with the best of them, in the end, I will have her by my side, sitting on the pier, feet dangling in the water. A friendship that will last a lifetime.

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