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Ask The Advocate: Finding Confidence & Advocacy

While each person’s psoriasis journey is different, and their psoriasis symptoms and treatment experiences may not be the same, there are frequently well-worn paths that are taken and common barriers that are encountered by people living with psoriasis.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes chronic inflammation of the skin and other body parts and systems, currently, there is no cure. If you're looking for a community that understands, then look no further.

Advice from our advocates

When it comes to your health, you can be one of your best advocates. But when you’re in pain and coping with the emotional toll of psoriasis, it isn’t always easy to advocate for your own needs. We asked our advocates for their perspectives and for some words of wisdom when it comes to living with psoriasis.

Our question: Who in the psoriasis community inspires you in finding confidence and advocacy?

Jack Gevertz

Diane Talbert is one of the most inspirational people in the psoriasis community. I love reading her messages on social media which promotes good well-being and happiness.

She’s fantastic at communicating how while psoriasis is a chronic condition, it shouldn’t be something that overwhelms your life. I enjoy reading her posts on the PlaquePsoriasis community as she always has something good and new to say.

The other people I find inspirational are the Psoriasis Association in the UK. They are a charity which helps people in Britain who have psoriasis. They regularly post blogs on psoriasis-related issues and they post updates on medications and treatments. I was a member for a year and found their booklets really useful.

Howard Chang

Fellow advocates and bloggers remind me I’m not alone in transparently sharing what life is like with psoriasis. Thinking of their stories and perseverance through difficult flares empowers me to keep going.

I’m grateful for psoriasis advocates who went before me in creating psoriasis focused online communities before social media became popular. I’m also inspired by readers who respond to my writing. When I started blogging over twelve years ago, I motivated myself to help one person not feel alone with psoriasis.

When a reader leaves a comment or corresponds with me, I feel I’m making that difference I hoped to make. They give me fuel to continue running the chronic illness marathon as an advocate for myself and others.

Tikeyah Varner

I am most inspired by Alisha Bridges in the psoriasis community. I met Alisha through the National Psoriasis Foundation a few years ago. Since then, I started following her on social media and have also gotten to know her on a personal level as well.

Alisha inspires me to find confidence through her advocacy. She is so transparent about her journey with psoriasis and it reminds me that I am not the only one who has struggled with this disease. I like how she shares her story constantly no matter how hard it is to share sometimes.

It inspires me to be open to people because I want to help people how she has helped me.

Finding confidence in psoriasis isn't easy

Do you struggle with finding confidence when living with psoriasis? Do you have insight and advice for coping through these thoughts? We want to hear your story.

Our collective voices have a huge impact, and we hope you will add your unique voice. The best part? Your journey living with psoriasis is all you need to get started!

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