Psoriasis And Disability Insurance

This question has come up a lot lately. Can I apply for disability if I have psoriasis?  Yes, you can. If your psoriatic disease prevents you from working you can absolutely apply for social security disability benefits.

Psoriasis symptoms can get very severe

Many of us can manage our chronic ailment with treatment. There are some people that no matter what they do, treatments don’t help them. Psoriasis symptoms can be very painful and swollen. It can bring you to tears.

Psoriasis symptoms can get very severe. This would be the time to apply for disability benefits.

Where to start with disability?

Statistics indicate that one in every five Americans is living with a disability. When it comes to life with psoriasis, there is physical damage along with emotional symptoms. Those living with psoriasis can experience pain and swollen joints.1

The Department of Social Security has many different benefits for disabled people. It starts with an assessment by a professional. A few things you'll need as you apply for disability include:

  • Personal information including birth certificate and social security card
  • Marriage information
  • Current and 2 years prior work and salary information
  • Past 15 years job history
  • Medical records, medication you take, tests, doctor information.

Workplace accommodations

I have had psoriasis for 56 years and psoriatic arthritis for over 30 years. I am lucky to have an employer that makes accommodations to my condition which allows me to stay employed. Even under the worst circumstances, under the Americans with Disabilities Act companies are required to provide accommodations for people with disabilities.

Here are just a few things that an employer can do to make your work environment accommodating for you:

  • Friendly grip pens and pencils
  • Specialized chair
  • Keep frequently used items within reach
  • Frequent breaks to facilitate movement
  • Providing hands-free phone headsets
  • Flexible schedule for doctor appointments

It's also important to be transparent and keep an open dialogue with your manager or boss. Let them know how psoriasis affects your job and what type of accommodation would allow you to do your job better.

Alternative Insurance

Contact your Human Resources Department about private insurance. There are two types of disability insurance long term policies and short-term policies.

If you buy a private insurance policy, there are some things you should understand including the definition of disability for that insurance company, if they have a pre-existing clause and when will the benefits start after claim approval.

Disability is a long hard journey

Getting disability benefits is not an easy task and is a time-consuming endeavor. Always be patient and always prepared. You can get help for this from a social worker, your doctor’s office, counselors, local hospitals, or attorneys.

This is a long hard journey. People will ridicule us for applying for disability. Either way, we need to do what is best to prioritize our health. Let’s protect ourselves from getting worst and causing more challenges in our lives.

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