A woman in flare is stuck with grief, sorrow, and sadness is surrounded by waves crashing over her.

Flaring Emotions & Psoriasis

A few years ago, my friend's Mom was due for a major back operation. Three weeks before her operation, her husband sadly passed away. Her specialist's simply said that it would be in the best interest to postpone the operation due to the effect of the heartache on her body.

The stress and sadness of losing her husband were enough to postpone the operation. With that being said, somehow there are still people who deny the affect our emotional and mental state has on our body. This truly boggles my mind.

Things that are sudden and unexpected in our lives are harder to manage. We can try to prepare, we can anticipate a possible outcome and hope to lessen the impact it has on our body. But is it really possible?

The emotional flare of psoriasis

This morning as I sit and write this I find myself in a similar boat. A flag of surrender dancing in the wind as I sit quietly and float among the high waves. The waves of grief, sadness, heartache, and anger. For today is my Dad’s first birthday in the stars and soon to follow will be the first anniversary of his passing.

I am covered in psoriasis and as if in solidarity with my heartache every single spot is standing at attention, red, raised and painful as my heart. I know without a doubt that a psoriasis flare is sure to walk hand in hand with this.

The connection between emotions and psoriasis

I think it is important that we remember, recognize and give the credit to the impact our emotional state has on our physical health too. As always, things are easier said than done. So how do we go about doing this? How do we go about managing moments that are so much too big for our hearts?

These moments are so big your physical body needs to carry some of the impacts. There is no set way for anyone to cope. It does help knowing if the emotional things will trigger your flares.

How to manage those psoriasis emotional flares

If you find yourself in an emotional psoriasis flare or catch yourself amidst one, arm yourself. This is how I do it, while it does not stop the flare, it will lighten the blow slightly.

  • I talk to my dearest friends. Even if I do not want to talk they are aware that I am not feeling myself and can just sit with me, and support me. See I am stubborn and can pretend I do not need anyone; however, in my heart I know I need them.
  • Give the people I work with notice that a tough day is coming, they are really good and give me the needed space.
  • Make sure I take extra note of my skin and nourish it with creams I know do not cause any aggravation, seriously, take no chances.
  • Keep anti-itch cream with me, one at my desk, one at my bed and one in my handbag.
  • Eat healthy food and try to stay away from foods known to annoy my skin.
  • Dress comfortably, and I do not take chance with that top that might be okay or might not, I wear only the things that have proven loyal to my skin in the past.

Not letting your emotional flare take over

These things may seem small and the might even seem insignificant, but as I like to remind myself it is the small things that make up the big things. I have also used this to stop my flare from getting completely out of hand.

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