Exercise and Psoriasis

Last updated: January 2020

When living with psoriasis, you might come across a few reasons to not exercise. When you might already be feeling low due to a psoriasis flare, it can become highly discouraging to find the confidence to get up and work out.

Personally, I have been to the gym hundreds of times and just the occurrence of flakes and plaques can make the visit uncomfortable. I know I wouldn't be able to tolerate the stares.

The importance of exercise with psoriasis

I had to come up with reasons why I needed to exercise while living with psoriasis. Control of my overall weight and health was at the top of my list. It justified not worrying about flares or people staring. I had to get healthy for me.

As we have all heard our doctors say; just lose some weight. My doctor also said that losing the weight would allow my treatment to work faster and better. Exercise can help in preventing your body from developing additional health issues associated with psoriasis including diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Exercise can also help with the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Exercise tips with psoriasis

Staying active is important to stay on the top of your health. Especially when you are one of the millions of individuals with psoriasis. Research has revealed that having psoriasis can put your body through depression, weight gain, and other risks linked with autoimmune diseases. Exercise can go a long way in getting rid of some of those unwanted health issues.

Customize your exercise routine

Having psoriasis can make it difficult for you to do certain exercises. Do what is best for you. Modifying exercise plans can work with individual mobility challenges. Consider working with a specialized trainer who can customize your workout plans depending on your condition.

Stay hydrated when you are exercising with psoriasis

When you are working out, it is crucial to stay hydrated. Make sure that you keep your body hydrated through your custom made psoriasis exercise plan. Before starting your workout routine, drink lots of water. After working out, drink another round of water. People having psoriasis tend to have dry skin. Therefore, staying hydrated always can help you with dryness as well.

Exercise with a workout buddy

You can stick better to your workout plan when you have an exercise partner or companion. Find a family member, a friend, or even a colleague who is willing to join you in your daily walks or exercise routine. Together, you can stay focused and inspired while you are on the road to implementing a healthier lifestyle.

Make adjustments

If one morning you wake up flaring or in pain, don’t worry. If you are not capable of doing weight exercises, consider adjusting the exercise routine. You can go for a walk or even a yoga session. As psoriasis treatment kicks in and flares start subsiding, you can go back to a regular workout routine.

The benefits of exercise with psoriasis

Exercise is not easy for us. There are days we are in so much pain that we can’t get out of bed. I can no longer take certain medications for my psoriasis which is causing me to flare. I had to make the hard decision to get up, get out and get in shape. This was not an easy journey. I have lost 35 pounds with 15 more to go.

I’m at the lowest weight I have been in 10 years. I do feel better and I can walk further each day. It took me 5 months to achieve this. Don’t misunderstand me. I still take pain pills as needed. My psoriasis flares have calmed down for now, but as we know that could only be short term.

So, let’s live a healthy and fit life with psoriasis. Join me.

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