Feet, Fungus, and Psoriasis

Getting psoriasis on your feet is honestly just so uncalled for. It is hard to manage and brings your pain to a new level. Along with learning to manage my psoriasis, I have found that since having psoriasis, I am a lot more susceptible to fungal infections. This includes my feet.

In summer, this can be particularly hard to manage. Over the years, I have learned to find ways that help manage this as a whole. I hope that you will find some hope and some help in my tips below.

Getting a proper diagnosis

This is always first and foremost for me. Having a diagnosis can mean that you know what you are dealing with. It does not mean that you have to follow what they suggest and you can find your way around things. I do believe though that it is important to know what you are dealing with.

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That being said, I generally do things under the supervision of my doctor. My psoriasis was initially misdiagnosed as ringworm, so I know that the system is not perfect. Rather safe than sorry remains my motto.

Closed toe shoes

Closed toe shoes are my nemesis for feet issues. There is something between the heat and moisture that builds up in my shoes that is just a recipe for disaster. I have found that wearing good quality shoes is the first step in the right direction.

I especially like having more than one pair, so that they can be exchanged daily, which gives the shoes time to breathe between uses. Also, allowing my feet to breathe as often as possible. I wear open toe shoes as often as possible, although the thong between the toes can be tricky when your are fighting either a psoriasis flare, or a fungal infection.


For many of us, walking without shoes is just not an option, this could be due to our psoriasis, our work, or a variety of reasons. Socks can be your saving grace. Change them, keep clean pairs in your car, your desk drawer at work, and in your bag. I opt for cotton or bamboo socks, I find that they breathe better and do not collect odors.

You could also put a sanitary pad with a sticky side on the sole of the shoe in between your shoe and the sock. This will make for some extra cushioning and can bring some relief to very sore feet.

Soaks and creams

My favorite soaks that have been soothing for both psoriasis and fungal infections. Epsom salt is the one and the other is apple cider vinegar. I do not mix them and alternate them as I can: one cup to my bucket of water and soak in lukewarm water for at least 20 minutes. Once this is done, I pat them dry gently and allow them to air properly before applying my prescribed ointment and throw a towel on my bed and lay with my feet up for a while.

Chat with your doctor about what order to use your ointments, to make sure to get the best out of for both psoriasis and fungal rashes.

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