Finding Happiness With Psoriasis

I bet you read that title and scuffed at that title. How can anyone find happiness with psoriasis? Well, it does take some doing. There is a long list of emotions that come with having psoriasis. It can range from disgust to depression.

I am always looking for tips when it comes to daily living with psoriasis. I do not work outside of my home. The television was on the other day just to have noise in the house. A talk show was on, the topic of the day was living a happy life, no matter your circumstance. I have to admit this piqued my curiosity.

So how can this be applied to life with psoriasis? It takes finding the strength to deal with psoriasis. Living a happier life with having psoriasis is almost an impossible feat.

Basic tips to find happiness

The professional that was on the show said there were three areas in which you could improve most any circumstance. After listening to him I have to agree with most of what he was saying.

I will attempt to explain to you why I agreed with it. I will break down each of the three areas and how it could be applied to having psoriasis to make it a better or happier life.

Find something to do

How does that relate to psoriasis? Easy. If you are not involved with the National Psoriasis Foundation that is a start. With the National Psoriasis Foundation, you can find a whole community of people who understand what you are going through.

You can also be paired with a mentor. If you feel you need to connect with someone on a personal level, if you are feeling lost or have no one around you that understands living with psoriasis - a mentor can help. That person can also answer any questions you may have.

Find something to love

I am not talking about a person. Something is anything. Someone is a person. On the days that I am feeling down, I love to listen to music. Positive music. Not something that is going to make me feel as bad emotionally as I already do. I can get lost in a good song.

One of my favorite songs is called "Skin" by SIXX A.M. The lyrics state that all they see are scars. They don't see the angel living in your heart. So let them know with all you are not your skin. How true is that? I fight hard to not let things get me down. Maybe you can find something to love that will give you strength.

Find a way to give back

For me personally, it was getting involved with the National Psoriasis Foundation. When I started helping others in the One to One program I found that I got back just as much as I was putting into it. Maybe you are not ready to jump into such a program but no matter what if you look hard enough you can always find a way of giving back.

Maybe it could be something like paying for someone's coffee. The important part is that you find something to give back to.

Overcoming psoriasis

My hope is that you will find power in one or all three of these suggestions. I am not saying every day is going to be peaches and cream. I have my down days too and that's okay.

The biggest part of getting down is to not stay down. Find that something that makes you feel like you are not your skin.

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