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Should You Tell Your Hairdresser About Your Scalp Psoriasis In Advance?

Last week, I had a really interesting chat with my friend about psoriasis. He asked me how about the status of my condition. I shared with him the success of my current treatment. We discussed different aspects of my most recent flare-up, including the effect it had around my belly button and other areas.

Getting ahead of scalp psoriasis

We got on to a conversation about going to a hair salon. Now, this got me thinking. How should we approach a barber’s trip when we're going through a scalp psoriasis flare? Should we be very upfront about our condition and let them know over the phone if you have to pre-book?

Or, if your hairdresser offers a walk-in service, do you tell them before they begin cutting your hair?

Off the top of my own head

I think the answer to these questions lies in how comfortable you feel about your condition and the severity of it. I didn’t actually go to the barbers for months when my scalp psoriasis was really bad. My plaques were so thick they would bleed, and a trip to a place where they’re going to put a razor in my hair didn’t feel appropriate.

But when my flare-up calmed and I was able to go to the hairdressers, I was quite open about my condition. Before sitting in the chair, I told them I had this disease, it wasn't contagious, but it might make cutting my hair a bit difficult.

Finding ways to build your confidence

Bringing a family member with me to the appointment really helped. When I felt embarrassed when telling my barber for the first time, I had a relative come with me and we discussed what I would say beforehand. I found that very reassuring and it helped me tremendously.

To be honest, I’ve been to many different hairdressers in my life and I’ve never encountered a problem whenever I raise my psoriasis to the person cutting my hair. Often, they would tell me stories about people who had a worse condition than myself, but whose hair they had to cut. That did make me feel somewhat relieved.

What else can help you prepare?

Personally, I would say try and be open about the condition as much as you can. If you’re nervous about going to the hairdressers because of your psoriasis, give the place a ring and see what they say on the telephone. I am sure they will be empathetic and understanding. I know if you haven’t been for a while because of your psoriasis that it can be a very daunting experience, but just know that they have probably dealt with many similar clients and the condition is not your fault.

If you don’t fancy giving them a call, try and pluck up the courage to visit them in person. Either arrange an appointment there and discuss your condition or book for another time once you’ve managed to tell them about your psoriasis. You may feel better about it afterward.

Be kind to your psoriasis skin

Whatever you decide to do, you have to remember that having scalp psoriasis is not your fault. It’s a condition that you will have throughout your life but can be successfully managed. Letting your barber or hairdresser know about it can break down any embarrassment you are experiencing and make you feel more at ease.

It’s true that scalp psoriasis plaques can be painful, big, and difficult to manage, but in all likelihood, your hairdresser or barber will understand this and will try and work around it.

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